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Q1. How do you ship?
Our products will be shipped worldwide in discreet packing. We have several shipping points around the world. All the orders will be sent through Postal Service with registered post.

Q2. How long is the whole process of ordering and shipping?
Once we received payment of your order, we start your order process, Payment and order process take 6 working days to complete. Normally customer will receive products within 36 working days (Sunday/Saturday/Holidays) are not included. Some time it may take more days.

Q3. How long does it take for you to receive my payment?
Payments are normally processed and cleared within 3 working days.

Q4. How are "bulky" orders shipped?
If the order is physically too large to fit in the same envelope/box as a small sized order, the order will be divided into the necessary amount of packages. No matter how "bulky" your order is, we reassure you the same discretion level and packaging as guaranteed a small sized order.

Q5. What is the cost of shipping?
Shipping is always free for all orders, regardless of quantities ordered. We charge for EMS and Special Service. Which ever is available.

Q6. Shall I order other than the listed medications?
Yes, please send us your requirement via email, on receipt of your email we will quote you within 72 hours and on approval of our quote those medications will be added to our web site for onward buying.

Q7. What if my order does not arrive, the received quantity does not match with the order, or if I receive the wrong product?
You can notify us by email within 45 days from the order date and we will solve your matter. Incase you did not receive order, we will track your parcel, if not able to locate, a solution will be offered to you.

Q8. Your payment methods?
We have 2 payment methods. 

Q9. What does the package look like?
Your privacy is very important to us and for that reason we do not indicate the contents of the package on its label.

Q10. How much time shipment take?
As we are using middle shipping company so we have to follow their terms, We take 30 working days for shipment, Most of the time customer get it fast but some time it may get delay as in that we can not do any thing, Once the parcel is in customer country then its totally up to customer local shipping company and customs that how many days they take to complete their process.

Q11. Tracking numbers are not active?
We get inactive tracking numbers for item and they get active auto once the process is started, Some time tracking number gets active when item is in customer country. As we do not own any shipping company we do not have any control on this.

Q12. Why shipping take so much time ?
We have our own order processing way so customer has to understand that we can not bypass that process for him/her.

Q13. What if a parcel get hold up / seized ?
No provider can give you this guarantee that parcel wont get seized, From time to time customs does a random inspection of parcels from various sources. We will refund 50% to the customer, If customer wants full refund, they have to send us our product back to us.

Q14. Do you have the next day delivery?
No we do not give next day delivery.

Q15. Do you ship through Fedex, UPS , DHL or any other faster method of shipment?
No we don't send out any other method than registered mail . Because we can not ship any prescription drugs with those private faster shipment companies. So please don't request for a shipment via any of above mentioned shipping services.

Q16. I received my products partial damaged or pills broken can i return those? 
Our shipment does not carry return facility neither we offer or accept returned shipments. we send only finest condition in bubble wrapped and protective enough packaging. So if the pills you found broken then you have to consider it was shipment fault. Please contact our customer care department informing the matter with a photograph taken of the broken medicines. We will add all broken pills on your next order from us.

Q17. How long order takes to be Delivered?
We process and dispatch your order within next 48 hours after order approval . Shipping time is normally between 36 and 40 working days. PLEASE NOTE that BUSINESS DAYS are only monday to friday so before you order you should have known this.! Delivery time includes time necessary for international regular airmail, which must also pass your customs, so we expect you to accept this as NORMAL DELIVERY TIME. Please check your ORDER HISTORY online first and count business days before writing to us about delivery time! If its over 36 business days, PLEASE CONTACT US and together we will find the solution!



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